lead qualification

Email Data Quality Management

Manage the quality of every email with prescriptive analysis

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lead scoring

Lead Data Capturing

Capture any source of contact data like events, LinkedIn, and more

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lead nurturing and conversion

Contact Data Update

Update incomplete and invalid contact data points

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Verify contact data quality

Verify contact data quality

Whether you communicate with your clients by mail, email, or over the phone, you want each message you send to be received. Collecting and maintaining accurate contact data is vital to executing your sales and marketing strategies:

  • Analyze your contact database quality
  • Identify good and bad data
  • Get recommendations on how to use the data
  • Differentiate between mobile and landline
  • Standardize addresses
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Build full contact profiles

Build full contact profiles
  • Add missing data to your contact and account records
  • Collect additional information on your contacts and accounts
  • Establish attributes related to your top contacts and accounts
  • Know your contacts preferred social media channels
  • Identify top roles and seniorities within your contacts

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Update contact data

Update contact data
  • Review your old and incorrect data
  • Fix incorrect data related to typos
  • Get new data on contacts and accounts to replace obsolete information
  • Identify new opportunities from contact data updates
  • Monitor and control a quality contact database
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Increase your ROI by improving the quality of your contact data