Pricing packages depend on the number of existing contacts in your CRM or MAP.

Existing contacts in your database

Choose how many contacts you have in your database to see how it affects pricing.

Verification frequency (per year)


  • Analyze your email list data validity and hygiene
  • Identify good, bad, and ugly (harmful) email data
  • Identify role-based emails to remove from campaigns
  • Review old and incorrect email data
  • Detect syntax errors and typos
  • Detect domain changes
  • Detect email duplicates
  • Restore valid bounced emails
  • Get recommendations on how to update invalid emails depending on their quality
  • Use recommendations based on email quality to optimize email campaigns
  • Get descriptive analytics reporting on email data quality performance
  • Get two hours of setup and configuration to manage data quality in your systems


  • Essentials plan features +
  • Capture any source of lead data with 99% accuracy
  • Complete missing attributes such as emails, phone numbers, postal addresses, and websites
  • Personalize and qualify leads with custom property management
  • Synchronize in real-time with your CRM, sales and marketing tools
  • Manage duplicate for new data entry
  • Prevent data from entering your systems unverified and incomplete
  • Configure and manage user preferences
  • Invite all your team members
  • Have an unlimited number of users


  • Professional plan features +
  • Identify new opportunities from lead, contact, and account data updates
  • Standardize postal addresses, phone numbers, and other attributs
  • Differentiate between mobile and landline phone types for SMS marketing
  • Monitor and control quality data in your marketing, sales and CRM platform

* Billed annually. Pricing is relative to the number of your existing contacts and verification frequency selected above.

**Due to the current the situation, we're supporting our marketing peers with various pricing and payment models. Talk to an expert to see if you qualify.**


Email Data Quality Verify, correct and restore emails

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Lead Data Management Capture, qualify and sync leads

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Phone Data Quality Verify and standardize phone numbers

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Postal Address Data Quality Verify and standardize postal addresses

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