Pricing packages depend on the number of existing contacts in your CRM or MAP.

Existing contact database

Move the slider to change the number of contacts and see related pricing.

Contact data management (Yearly Recurring Charges)

  • Digitize new contact information
  • Add custom properties from app
  • Transfer automatically to CRM
  • Verify contact data once a year

/ month

/ month

(billed annually)

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Onboarding (One Time Charge)

  • Configure property management
  • Import and verify existing contact information
  • Report good, questionable, and bad contact data

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Yearly Return On Investment

ROI Calculator


Enrichment Gain more insights on your contacts

You want to complete partial profiles, capture audience insights and improve contact visibility

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Verification Obtain additional verifications

You want to verify more often, validate new contact lists and protect your sender reputation

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Update Get updated contact information

You want to update your obsolete contact information and uncover new possibilities

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ebCard helps you ensure high-quality contact data


Increase business performance


Reduce cost and eliminate waste


Ensure the best customer experience


Maximize revenue opportunities

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