Continuing the Road to Success! 


Do you want your virtual event to reach its ultimate success? 

This blog is just for you! In previous posts of our virtual event series, we focused on attendees and their needs, then we started by highlighting what you, as a planner, need to focus on for a successful event. This blog will be all about promoting your event and advertising it! 

While success may be a broad goal, it is up to you to choose your version of success, and what it entails. 

Are you making your attendees your priority? 

As a planner, your most vital aspect should be your attendees. They seem to be having a hard time adapting to the additional screen time, and finding events that pique their interest. 

This is where YOU, as an event planner, come into play. 

How can you make their experience more enjoyable and interactive? 

1.  Find creative ways

As a planner, you mustn't recreate your event exactly as you would in person. Attendees are tired of looking at a screen all day. It is up to you to make their experience worth the while. Keep in mind that viewers are looking for something to hook them into staying. Introduce more interactions into your plan! Find creative ways to make them constantly be doing something. This could be translated by posing questions, filling in surveys, or even playing some games. Try to make it interesting!

2.  Make your event their priority

As a planner, you must find a way to make YOUR event YOUR AUDIENCE’S priority. In here, you have to note that sometimes your attendees don’t have time because they often find themselves overloaded with work. In general, you make time for the things that spark your interest or speak to your taste, so you have to cater your event to make it their priority. 

3.  Encourage connections

As a planner, you must find outlets that help you with data entry, and with keeping track of the leads or matches that were made at your virtual event. As an attendee and as a planner, you might find GENERATING LEADS OR BRAND AWARENESS as a hassle. Virtual events are a perfect way to create connections, as the attendance of such events, especially webinars have been proven to be a 100 percent. That, coupled with the fact that these events amass a huge number of attendees from different parts of the world, makes for a recipe of success when it comes to generating more leads. In that way, your focus, as a planner, would be on creating genuine connections, rather than spending the entirety of the time trying to retain the information. 

When planning your event, it is important to keep these issues in mind, because your attendees’ satisfaction is of utmost priority. With that line of thought, what more can you do to make sure your event flourishes the way it should?

Essential Tools: For your journey to success!

The last blog detailed some essentials; this is your last step!

While all these are essential tools in the making of your event and reaching your success, it is the promotion of your event that will make it or break it! 



Promoting your event is key! 

After all, nothing exists until you’ve seen it or heard about it. 

As a planner, your priority should be to find ways to copyright your work before anything else, and then how to spread it worldwide. Why copyright? Well, your work is yours and belongs to you, so you need to protect it. It is very easy for someone to copy-paste your content and use it as their own. So, protect your company, and educate yourself on matters of copyright. After all, your content is what distinguishes you from your competitors. 

How can you promote your event? 

There are varied ways in which you can do so, but here’s a list of a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Use Social Media: you can either create an event page on Facebook or post a countdown on Instagram to remind the audience of your event. These are two of the most used platforms. They contain millions of users on them; make your event a part of their experience. 88 percent of companies use social media to raise awareness before their event. That is extremely helpful in making sure that people will attend.
  2. Use Teasers: It is important to reveal some teasers and post them frequently, but in a limited capacity. While doing so, you would be regulating the traffic on your website, and saving a lot of money, in turn. This will create a sense of curiosity in your audience that leaves them excited and starving for more.
  3. Use branded hashtags: Choose ones that are unique to your brand. This makes the search for your content much easier and gives your content the exclusivity that it requires. In that way, people will know this is your company when they see these hashtags.
  4. Manage your time: you should pay attention to schedule early and plan your posts ahead of time. You do not have time to deal with a faux-pas a few days before your event. Publicity is extremely important. You do not want any unnecessary backlash getting back to you. So, planning is the best way to avoid it because you have time to review every post, making sure it is appropriate.
  5. Expand your reach: promote your posts via ads on different platforms. This will ensure you reach a wider audience, but most importantly your targeted one. These ads are catered to the people you desire, for you get to choose who sees it and who doesn’t.
  6. Create loyal customers: your brand loyalty is extremely important so you have to create relationships with your attendees. In doing so, you ensure their return to events that you are hosting. Make them feel wanted!
  7. Increase your engagement: you can create certain giveaways or contests that would warrant a lot of engagement and hype around the event; this will make sure to let attendees look forward to something in the event. Here is where your content is key, for the content has to be what makes them stay. So, know your audience!

These are just some of the many ways to promote your event. Use them at your discretion! 

Conclusion: What is left? 

If there is anything that you should take from this blog, it’s the importance of promoting your event and advertising your content.

Grow through what you go through; use your events as a learning curve to keep on improving. 

Hopefully, we were able to help you out, even if just a little bit, because your success is our happiness.

Do not hesitate to go back to our other blogs, if you need a few reminders, or have other issues that need clarification! 

We will leave you with one final thought!  Creativity was ranked as the number one factor for future business success. It even precedes the company’s vision!

So, be sure to check out our upcoming blog on how to be creative in your blogs!