How your senses can help you be creative with ONLINE events? 

What's the most common reason attendees sign off mid-event?

Sadly, it's because most events lack creativity and engagement.

Today, creativity ranks as the number one factor for future business success. Just above the company's vision!

We previously talked about how you can achieve success by focusing on advertising and promoting your content (check it out here later if you missed it). 

So now you'll learn about attracting your viewer’s attention with your signature element; your creativity.


You can have the best team, the best product, the best idea, but all of that won't be very interesting if your content isn’t creative and your event isn't engaging. This begs the following question:

How can you be more creative in your event? 

Alexandra Panyukhina, Head of Event Marketing at Userlane, describes the 6 senses that help you be more creative.

  1. Value: Why attendees need to dedicate some time to your event? What do they have to gain from it? Think of it this way, why would you attend an event that doesn’t add to your pool of knowledge or doesn't engage you in any way?  Keep this question in mind when you're creating your content.
  2. Feel: You remember a person or a memory based on how you felt. The same thing goes for events. If your events don't invoke some emotions in your audience, they won't be coming back. So, think to yourself, what do you want them to feel?  Focus on one specific emotion that you'd want them to feel, and embody that emotion into your event. Be careful, for it has to be relevant with your content!
  3. The tone of voice: The last thing you want is to confuse your audience; so, you have to have a specific tone unique to your brand’s image. Is your audience searching for fun or business or both? Cater your style to their needs!
  4. Taste: Use your event to feed their curiosity and their knowledge of your content. Since it's online, you transmit the taste with creative videos or interactive tools you provide. This is why you choose your platform wisely!. 
  5. Look: While it is true that there won’t be people in a venue, you still have to make the venue or the space you’re presenting in to be fitting to the event. They say the devil is in the details, so you have to pay attention to the littlest ones. Different audiences are attracted to different types of events; they want to feel as if they are attending your event live. So, how your event looks changes their entire perspective!
  6. Sound: Music is the language of feeling and passion. Choose a playlist that goes with your event. In that way, your audience will remember you when they hear it. Don’t you remember a specific moment when you hear a particular song? Give your audience the same experience with your event!

These are some ideas you can employ to make your event more creative in its planning and content.

But it's vital to stay updated with the newest trends and use your platform to its full potential.

And now, how can you be creative with your attendees' interactions?


Here are some creative ideas for your virtual event or different issues that should draw your attention:  

  1. Engagement: Even in live events, people require attention to focus consistently throughout the event. You double your efforts when it comes to your virtual events. A few ways to do so can be to add real-time illustrations or even some competitions throughout your event. Illustrations often appeal to the look and the feel that we talked about previously. This will definitely warrant their undivided attention, especially if the reward is unique to your brand.
  2. Challenges: People often enjoy the feel of being a winner, and you can use that to YOUR advantage. How? Creating social media challenges allows your audience to market your event for you, and it would improve engagement, as well. This way, you would be killing two birds with one stone while not letting your audience feel that they had to put a lot of effort into doing so. Here, you can incorporate your theme song into the challenge; this will let people remember your event when they hear it.
  3. Chat Rooms: This is a smart way to let your viewers interact and get their feedback simultaneously. Your challenges can be translated into the chat room, as well. This way, people will stay up-to-date in the chat room if they missed out on some part. Make sure to customize the chat room and make it user-friendly. It can be a distinct feature in your event.

When you choose creativity, you choose success!

Yes, it's vital to focus on making your event as unique and engaging as possible. Now you understand the key elements to focus on achieving your desired level of success. 

Creativity alone has the power to elevate your event into another dimension.

To stay consistent with that success, you need to make sure that your event runs smoothly, without any hiccups.

Stay tuned for our next blog because it'll help you maintain that success during and after your event!