Email Data Quality Management

  • Improve delivery rates
  • Protect sender reputation
  • Eliminate invalid and harmful data
  • Higher open and click rates
  • Better content evaluation
  • Higher ROI

Keep your email list clean to measure your metrics correctly, protect your sender reputation (you cannot afford to lose it now), and make sure you reach the maximum audience possible.

Each metric will help you work better:

Deliverability rate will help you determine how fresh your email list is. Deliverability is your number one priority to make sure that you measure and control the other metrics accurately. If you're less than a 98% deliverability rate, the chances are that some of your valid emails are bouncing. 

Open and click rates will help you determine if the content you're sharing is good. If you're getting below 20%, then something is off. 

Bounce rate will help you re-evaluate the bounced emails to restore valid ones and update invalid ones.

Download the email data quality management recipe to learn more about how you can achieve remarkable returns.


When you have more than 99% of deliverability rate, you can achieve more than 30% open rate with good content


You can re-use > 60% of your bounced emails either by restoring valid emails that bounced or by updating invalid ones 

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