Get ready to see some fascinating results!

  • Improve delivery rates
  • Protect sender reputation
  • Eliminate invalid and harmful data
  • Higher open and click rates
  • Better content evaluation
  • Higher ROI

We will analyze your emails bounces quality, identify valid, invalid, disposable, dangerous, and vulgar emails. 

You will receive a detailed report on overall email bounce quality and help you restore many of these emails back in your marketing campaigns. 


When you have more than 99% of deliverability rate, you can achieve more than 30% open rate with good content.


You can re-use > 60% of your bounced emails either by restoring valid emails that bounced or by updating invalid ones .

Enter a valid business email address
Attach a CSV or an Excel file with the records you want to process in one tab

Your privacy is very important to us. We'll never share or sell your data.