Make Contact Data Quality Your Competitive Advantage

ebCard is a contact data quality platform that transforms how you capture, qualify, and convert leads from any source with the minimum effort and the highest data quality. 

Data-driven revenue growth at its best, powered by AI and data scientists.

Quality Data. Powerful Decisions.

lead scoring

Lead Data Capturing

Capture any source of contact data like events, LinkedIn, and more

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lead qualification

Email Data Quality Management

Manage the quality of every email with prescriptive analysis

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lead nurturing and conversion

Contact Data Update

Update incomplete and invalid contact data points

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How Data Quality Helps You Outperform the Competition

Data has become the world's most valuable resource.  Everyone understands its importance when it comes to customer insights, business operations, and digital transformation.

When you work diligently to manage your data quality, it allows you to increase your competitive advantage in the form of improved customer experience, better decision-making, fresh innovation, and increased business performance.

Being data-driven gives your business the competitive advantage you need to outperform.


improved customer experience


better decision making


fresh innovation

You and ebCard

I am a team leader

Boost your team's performance and returns

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I am a marketer

Generate and convert more quality leads

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I am a salesperson

Capture and qualify more leads faster

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Drive Revenue Growth with Contact Data Quality

Bring Data Quality to Your Sales and Marketing Tools

lead data management

and more...

The best brands outperform their competition with data quality.

Unlock all of your contact data opportunities.


Improve team performance


Eliminate marketing waste


Drive better decisions


Maximize revenue growth

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