What do we do?

We help you maintain quality data in your marketing, sales, and customer relationship management systems.

Data is a key economic driver and considered as a monetized business asset. The cost of poor data quality causes businesses to damage their reputation, miss on opportunities, and lose money. 

Our solutions makes sure your data is valid, accurate, and ready for you to use, allowing you to focus on lead acquisition, conversion, and nurturing. 

How do we do it?


Verify contact data quality

Detect good, bad and ugly information

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Verify existing contact database quality

Build full contact profiles

Add missing or incomplete information

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Update contact data

Fix incorrect and obsolete information

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Tackle your challenges today

Marketing and sales professionals understand the snowball effect of inaccurate and incomplete contact information. Without sufficient reliable data, marketing and sales tactics are compromised. Your customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms loose the value they are set to deliver.


of organizations have a strategy to maintain high quality data


of organizations see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy


of C-level executives believe that data is an integral part of forming their business strategy

Whether it is about misplaced, incomplete, obsolete or duplicate data, the quality of the contact database is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges executives and marketing leaders are tackling. 

The contact database is the nervous system of all sales, marketing & operation activities. How does your company manage its contact information ecosystem to maintain quality and accurate data?

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Improve lead conversion and nurturing.

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Convert more leads with email marketing.

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Capture leads and turn them into customers.

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contact data quality management.

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ebCard helps you with contact data quality management


Increase business performance


Reduce cost and eliminate waste


Ensure the best customer experience


Maximize revenue opportunities

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