Capture, qualify, nurture and convert faster, better, and cheaper.

Free yourself from entering lead data manually in your sales, marketing, and CRM platforms.

Lead data come from everywhere.

At events, in-person, virtual and hybrid, they take various formats: business cards, event badges, LinkedIn, vCards.

You meet new leads and as many existing clients. 

You exchange conversations and chats with each one. 

And at the end of each chat, you jump to the following conversation.

You have little time between two conversations to capture your lead data and the notes you exchange with them.

Successful B2B marketing & sales teams use the ebCard tool to capture leads data and conversation with less time on data entry and more time on other qualifying and converting.

Do you want to free yourself from manual data work to focus on more essential activities?

More Time >> Higher Performance

Spend less time on data entry and more time on prospecting and closing deals.

lead scoring

Lead Data Capturing

Capture any source of lead data and get more data points with the minimum effort and highest quality.

lead qualification

Lead Qualification

Qualify leads with your notes and questions before you send them to HubSpot

lead nurturing and conversion

Lead Data Integration

Integrate all contact data with your HubSpot platform and trigger your conversion sequences and workflows.

You, Your Team and ebCard

I am a team leader

Improve your team's performance and revenue goals from events

I am a marketer

Maximize your event ROI and improve your events leads nurturing results

I am a salesperson

Capture lead data and conversations to follow up in less than 2 days after the event

For Pros

$ 25 /month
  • Essential event lead capturing powers for sales and marketing pros
  • Capture any source of lead data (business cars, event badges, LinkedIn)
  • Contact and company data verification
  • Contact and company data completion for missing attributes such as emails, phone numbers, and postal addresses
  • Capture conversations and qualify lead through custom property management
  • Export data to your marketing, sales and CRM platforms
  • Follow up with event leads in less than 2 business days after the event
  • No more data entry during or after events
  • Never miss on an opportunity from events

For pro teams

$ 200 /month
  • For Pros plan features +
  • Synchronize in real-time with your CRM, sales and marketing tools
  • Trigger near real-time follow ups with people you meet at events
  • Prevent data from entering your systems unverified and incomplete
  • Configure and manage user preferences
  • Invite up to 5 team members

For Growth Teams

$ 800 /month
  • For pro teams plan features +
  • Have an unlimited number of users
  • Have an unlimited number of lead capture
  • Standardize lead capturing and data entry from all your events
  • Measure event ROI from lead capturing

Automate your lead capturing process with all your sales, marketing and CRM platforms

lead data management

and more...

Trusted by sales and marketing teams to connect with prospects, convert more leads and increase their revenue.

Capture lead data and conversations at events in seconds


Gain More Time


Reduce Manual Work


Improve Lead Conversions


Close More Deals

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