What is ebCard?

An intelligent contact information management platform

ebCard helps marketing and sales professionals to capture, maintain and manage quality contact information in their systems with more certainty and accuracy than ever before.

How it works


Verify existing contact database quality

Identify valid, questionable and oudated contact data.

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Update contact data

Get up-to-date data on old and questionable contact information.

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Verify existing contact database quality

Digitize new contact information

Capture, personalize and synchronize new contact information with your CRM.

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Tackle your challenges today

Marketing and sales professionals understand the snowball effect of inaccurate and incomplete contact information. Without sufficient reliable data, marketing and sales tactics are compromised. Your customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms lose the value they are set to deliver.

Bad contact data – A harsh reality


of new contact information is poorly captured in the CRM or MAP


of existing contact information in your systems go bad every year


yearly cost of poor data quality in a company in North America

The quality of the contact database is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges executives and marketing leaders are tackling.

The contact database is the nervous system of all sales, marketing & operation activities. How does your company manage its contact information ecosystem to maintain quality and accurate data?

ebCard and YOU

For Marketing

Increase marketing-attributed revenue with accurate and high quality contacts and leads throughout their lifespan.

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For Sales

Quickly and easily capture business cards and contact info to your CRM and access high quality data.

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For Managers

Increase ROI on sales efforts, marketing campaigns and trade shows and corporate events.

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Increase your ROI by improving the quality
of your contact data through ebCard

ebCard helps you maximize the value of your contacts


Ensure high quality


Simplify workflows


Reduce costs


Deliver value for money

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